Rug Accessories

Get everything you need here to extend the life and beauty of your natural fiber rugs and make your floor coverings more practical and comfortable:

  • Keep your feet, back and legs happy with anti-fatigue gel mats that look just like a natural fiber rug. This patented technology features a revolutionary shock-absorbing gel core that cradles your feet with extra support and cushion. They’re easy to clean, and stain, mold and mildew resistant.
  • Keep rugs in place with rug pads. Plus they cushion feet and protect floors. Premium rug pads are reversible and can be used over radiant-heat flooring. All pads can be cut to order.
  • Maintain your natural fiber rugs with cleaning products that are designed especially to keep them looking brand new regardless of wear and tear.

    • The Host Carpet Cleaning Kit is the go-to product for cleaning and freshening your natural fiber rug. Martha Stewart declares it “a remarkable product” that does a “fantastic job of making stains disappear.” The kit consists of dry extraction powder cleaner, liquid spot remover for tougher stains, and a carpet brush. You can use it on all your rugs and carpets, not just natural fiber.
    • Sisal Life Cleaner is ideal for spot cleaning accidents. Just apply it with a clean, white cloth. It won’t create a water spot, but it will add extra protection while it cleans.

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