As the entry point of the home, the mudroom sees a lot of wear and tear. People rush in and out, grabbing coats, leaving hats and bags lying around and dragging in dirt from outside. Mudrooms are often small with limited space, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating an inviting and functional space. With these mudroom essentials, you’ll keep items organized while maximizing the space.

  • Bench – Every mudroom should have a bench for people to sit on while taking off or putting on shoes. The bench is also a good place to set purses, briefcases or other bags while taking off or putting on your coat. Although a simple item, the bench can be decorative, too, and bring style to the space.
  • Hooks – Hooks are another great addition the mudroom because they make your items easily accessible. Hanging coats, hats and scarves on hooks is easier than putting them on hangers in a closet. Children especially are more likely to use hooks than hangers, so if you have little ones in the house, hooks are a must.
  • Rug ­– An indoor/outdoor polypropylene rug will be a life saver for your floor. A rug in the mudroom will catch the dirt and grime on people’s shoes as they come in from outside, containing the dirt to one area and keeping the rest of the space clean. They’re also easily cleaned with water.
  • Cubbies – If your family has a lot of items to store in the mudroom, such as coats, hats, gloves and shoes, then installing shelves or cubbies is a simple way to increase your storage space and keep everything organized. Open cubbies are great for storing shoes and other larger items. You can also use bins in the cubbies to store smaller items and make the area look tidier.

The mudroom is the entryway into your home, and as such, it needs to be functional for your family and a welcoming area for guests. These items will keep the room organized and add a splash of style to warm up the area.