5 Misconceptions About Natural Fiber Rugs

5 Misconceptions About Natural Fiber Rugs

Is a natural fiber rug the right choice for you and your home? Here are common misconceptions.


Is a natural fiber rug the right choice for you and your home? While there are many lists out there that highlight the benefits of owning a natural fiber rug, there are still many misconceptions about these eco-friendly options. Once you learn the truth, however, you might just find that natural fiber rugs are the best fit for your space after all. 

1. The natural fibers are too rough

Natural fiber rugs are more textured than synthetic alternatives, but you can still enjoy the soft feeling that other rugs provide. If comfort is what you seek, the best option is a wool and sisal combination, which you can find in various colors and styles. You can add even more comfort with a pad placed underneath the rug. 

2. Natural materials are not durable

It is true that you should not place natural fiber rugs outside or in high-moisture areas as they can develop mold and mildew. This does not mean, however, that they are not durable. Many natural fiber rugs work well in high-traffic areas and will stay looking great for years as long as you keep up with regular maintenance. A rug pad is also good for extending the life of your rug. 

3. They're boring

Sisal, jute and seagrass rugs have a textured appearance and feature various patterns to provide that distinct look you want for your space. The natural look is very in style today, and these rugs can help give your space some simple sophistication. If you want to go bold, try layering the look with a smaller, colorful rug.

4. Natural fiber rugs are hard to clean

Natural fiber rugs are actually very easy to clean. All you have to do is vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from staining your rug. If you should ever spill on your rug, simply blot the stain away with a cloth or use our Sisal Life Cleaner. You can find more tips for cleaning a natural fiber rug here

5. You can only choose one fiber

If you don't want a rug that is all sisal or all wool, choose one that is a mix of both! Sisal wool rugs are soft, durable and attractive, making them a perfect solution for your home. 

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