5 Reasons Why Washington D.C.’s Interior Design Leader Counts on Sisal Rugs

5 Reasons Why Washington D.C.’s Interior Design Leader Counts on Sisal Rugs

When Akseizer Design Group wants to ensure floors will look as good 10 years from now as they do today, they turn to Sisal Rugs Direct


Visit Washington D.C. or New York City and you are likely to see the work of Akseizer Design Group(ADG). They are responsible for designing some of the most upscale multi-family, hospitality, condominium, commercial and high-end residential properties across the East Coast and throughout North America.

ADG counts on Sisal Rugs Direct to set the foundation for many of their projects, especially in the hospitality sector. Their most recent assignment using a Sisal Rugs Direct product was the Hotel Hive,  Washington, D.C.’s first micro hotel concept. The rooms within this innovative hotel are designed to be elegantly efficient - like honeycombs (hence the name) with comfortable and compact, yet beautiful, spaces.

“The materials we used to design the rooms had to be very, very special; they could not be something that was just average,” explains Jeff Akseizer, owner of ADG.

They’ve also used Sisal Rugs Direct’s indoor/outdoor rugs at the historic White Moose Inn in rural Virginia. ADG was charged with giving the inn a clean, tailored, timeless look, so they installed the rugs wall-to-wall in the guest rooms. Today, says Jeff, the number-one question guests ask the front desk is, “Where did you get your carpet?”

Sisal Rugs Direct’s indoor/outdoor sisal rugs are one of ADG’s go-to floor covering choices, says Jeff, because:

1. They’re durable. “One of the challenges we face is how to make a room look as good on day 10,000 as on day 1,” says Jeff. “With typical mushy hotel carpets, a maid can pass over them with a vacuum a few times, or a wet towel is left on the floor, and they’ll quickly show wear. By contrast, Sisal Rugs Direct indoor/outdoor rugs will look brilliant from the moment you install them to several years later.”

It’s why Jeff uses indoor/outdoor rugs in his own home when he entertains.

“If someone spills red wine, it’s no big deal,” he explains, “I can just grab some paper towels, soak it up and move on with the evening. I’m not scrubbing some rare Alpaca-based wool rug worth $20,000. It takes the pressure off both the guests and myself.”

2. They feel fresh. “One of the things I always hear about sisal is that people aren’t going to like how it feels on their feet,” says Jeff. “We’ve proven that wrong time and time again. People prefer something clean and fresh. When you walk around on shaggy carpets in boutique hotels, it isn’t clean and fresh. Who wants to be reminded that someone else was in the room 24 hours ago?”

3. They’re stress-free. “One of the biggest complaints hotels receive,” he explains, “is how difficult it is for people to move their luggage. The thicker the carpet, the greater the resistance.”

The flat weave of sisal rugs eliminates this issue by allowing wheeled luggage to roll smoothly across the floor.

4. The colors are ideal for interior design.  Jeff explains that the first step in an interior design plan is to make sure the largest object in the room acts as a base to complement the rest of the design scheme. Typically that’s the floor, so designers often start there and work upward.

“It’s not an easy task and designers can spend hours ruminating on it,” notes Jeff. “What’s nice about Sisal Rugs Direct is that many of their rug colors work with a large range of complementary colors in both warm and cool tones.”

5. They look like a million bucks (but they definitely aren’t). “Sisal Rugs Direct product looks as expensive, authentic, luxurious and amazing as any rug you can find in the high-brand, retail-design centers,” points out Jeff. “I’ve put these rugs in show homes worth millions and millions of dollars. Without a doubt, everyone asks where we got them.”

When Jeff reveals his source and their cost “their eyeballs pop out,” he laughs. “The cost of a Sisal Rugs Direct rug is close to the tax you would pay for any item from a design center.”

But the primary reason Jeff turns to Sisal Rugs Direct is their service.

“They’re very responsive. Colin Jones (the marketing director for Sisal Rugs Direct) knows how to do good business. Our pace is very, very fast and we often can’t wait 3 to 5 days for a quote,” says Jeff. “Colin, however, can often get a rug to us in that timeframe instead of making us wait two, three, four, eight or even 16 weeks. And when we can provide something as wonderful as this product in our clients’ spaces as quickly as we can, it really helps. Colin understands this process and is always willing to accommodate. That’s why I’m loyal to Sisal Rugs Direct 100%.”

Experience what Jeff is talking about for yourself. Peruse our enormous selection of rug choices, and then play with our custom-design tool. See how perfectly, and affordably, a Sisal Rugs Direct product can fit into your space.  

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