5 Tips For Setting Up The Perfect Outdoor Table

5 Tips For Setting Up The Perfect Outdoor Table

Setting the perfect outdoor table starts from the ground up with a great area rug.


It’s that time of year again where all of our parties and gatherings head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. That just leaves one problem, setting the table. When creating an outdoor tablescape there are a lot of factors we don’t consider until it’s too late. Use these 5 tips and tricks to help you set the perfect outdoor table.

1. Make the Ground Accommodating

Whether your table will be set on a patio or on the grass, a rug is a nice touch. Using a rug under your table is a great way to provide a level surface for the table to sit on as well as a more welcoming place for your guests to rest their feet. If you’re really adventurous, a floor runner makes for a great and sturdy table runner that won’t blow in the breeze. Check out Sisal Rugs Direct for inspiration for your next party.

2. It’s All About The Lighting

Lighting is key when trying to create a wonderful outdoor table space, but unfortunately, too much artificial light attracts those pesky unwanted guests. Limit the bugs and increase your table beauty by using candles. By placing short candles in tall glass holders, you can avoid the wind issue as well. If you want to take the bug repellant to the next level, use citronella candles in your holders. They come in all different sizes and colors that will compliment your table.

3. Let The Landscape Inspire You

Instead of focusing on bringing all of the indoors out, try letting the outdoors play an inspirational role. Use some of your small planters to help build up the tablescape and set the tone for the look. A few nice pots of decorative flowers or plants can easily take the place of a vase of flowers ties the table and surroundings together.

4. Bring the Bar Outside

Putting together a bar cart is a nice way to compliment your outdoor table setting without overcrowding. It’s also nice to not have to go inside every time someone needs a refill. While you don’t want to over decorate your bar cart, you will want to make sure that some of the table elements are represented. Adding the same candles or even a floral element will continue the beauty of your table and go a long way in completing the overall look.

5. Prepare For The Weather

The wind is one of the biggest threats to an outdoor table setting. If you’re concerned about the heaviness of your dishes or the possibility of your napkins taking flight, consider using a small bowl of fruit to weigh everything down. It’s a nice refreshing treat for your guests and a great way to keep everything where you put it. If the wind isn’t your only concern, consider getting a canopy tent. They are easy to put up and take down and they can also be decorated to enhance your table setting and create ambiance. If you aren’t in the market to buy one, there are many places to rent one for just the night. 

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