5 Ways to Customize Your Sisal Rug

5 Ways to Customize Your Sisal Rug

Want a customized rug at a value? Turn to Sisal Rugs Direct which offers 5 options to help you create the perfect design fit.


You’ve invested time, effort and resources into creating the perfect space. Now, the finishing touch is the perfect floor coverings. Yet you’ve looked everywhere online and off, and nothing seems to fit. Don’t fret! Instead, turn to Sisal Rugs Direct. We can create customized rugs quickly and easily at a value. Here are five ways to make your sisal rug your own:

1. Texture

Select from more than two dozen materials, each with several textures, to perfectly fit your style and interior design. If you’re unsure of what material will work best in your space, remember:

  • Jute will feel the most pleasant on bare feet. But its softness also means it isn’t as durable as sisal, seagrass and hemp. So we recommend placing jute rugs in areas where there’s not constant traffic, like bedrooms, family rooms and living rooms.
  • Seagrass is both highly durable and easy on the feet. An additional advantage is it’s non-porous and therefore water resistant. That makes it ideal for kitchens and bat
  • Sisal is the most durable material and can be used in just about any room, except for outdoors.
  • Hemp grass maintains its texture, even in high-traffic areas, and can actually strengthen as it wears. This makes it ideal for stairs.

2.  Color

Each rug material offers multiple colors, ranging from a choice of two for hemp grass to 18 for patterned outdoor propylene rugs. We know it can be challenging to select just the right color online. That’s why our website allows you to compare rug colors to 11 flooring types to ensure the optimal match. Of course, if you want to be certain your rug will blend with your color scheme, we’ll send you up to six samples for free.

3.  Size and Shape

Do you want a hexagon, pentagon or octagon rug? How about a rug that fits perfectly around your fireplace? Or maybe an L-shape to fit a kitchen, entryway or porch? Sisal Rugs can make it happen as long as your rug is no larger than 13-feet wide and 100-feet long.  Let your design imagination run wild!

4.  Patterns

Make the most of both the natural rug texture and your interior design by selecting from up to a dozen patterns. Sisal offers the most options while hemp grass has the fewest.

5.  Borders

An addition of a border can transform the look of a rug from casual to modern to elegant. Consider the words of Erika Hollinshead Ward, Principal Designer, Erika Ward Interiors.

“More and more of my clients are warming up to the idea of using natural rugs in their living spaces. Half of them had only considered sisal rugs for sunrooms,” she explains. “However, introducing leather borders is a welcomed departure from the traditional cotton duck and gives the room setting a designer-quality, polished look.”

You can create a customized border by:

  • Type of stitching
    • Blind stitching is hidden. Corners are finished at an angle unless you request a lapped corner. This is the standard on leather and tapestry, but is available for an additional cost on other borders.
    • Top stitching is visible, but the thread matches the border. This is standard on canvas, cotton, linen and faux leather bindings.
    • Type of materials
      • Cotton is the softest and most customizable border.  Select from three widths — narrow, wide and extra-wide — and 44 colors.
      • Canvas is durable and available in 10 colors with wide and extra-wide widths.
      • Linen has more texture than the other choices, adding visual interest. It’s available in four colors.
      • Leather is a strong and sophisticated choice for an indoor rug. Choose from six colors.
      • Faux leather looks and feels like the real thing, but can be used anywhere including outdoors. Choose from seven colors.
      • Serging  is a trim option made of a poly material that can be matched to any color. It can be used indoors and outdoors.
      • Outdoor binding is UV-stabilized and water-resistant to withstand the elements.
      • If you want to make sure no one has a rug exactly like yours, provide your own fabric. Email [email protected] or call us at 1-888-613-1335 for more details on fabric requirements and shipment information. Get more information about your border options: Sisal Rugs Binding.

Remember, for a fraction of the cost of a customized wool rug you can create a sisal rug that lends the perfect combination of style and function to make your space look like a million bucks. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy access when you’re ready to create your custom rug. We make it fast, easy and fun.

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