5 Ways to Use Your Enclosed Porch

5 Ways to Use Your Enclosed Porch

When the sun is scorching, enjoy the summer season from inside your enclosed porch. Sisal Rugs offers five ways to get the most out of your porch.


Spring is here and summer's shortly on its way. Right now you're spending free time outdoors when you can, and you are eagerly anticipating months of sunshine, fresh air and beautiful blooming colors. Summer is many people's favorite season for a reason. Of course, even this energizing time of year still has its drawbacks. Annoying bugs, high humidity, harmful sun rays and rainy days will force you to retreat indoors now and then. The good news, though, is if you have an enclosed porch, you can continue to enjoy the nice weather and scenery in a protective environment. 

Brainstorm ways you can use your enclosed porch this spring and summer, and start getting the most out of your favorite seasons. Here's a quick list to get you inspired. 

Relax and read

Your porch can easily become a reading nook with a cozy seat, calming shades of blue and welcoming accessories, like a natural-fiber rug. Curl up on a rainy day or enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful afternoon with a book in hand. 

Complete your morning yoga routine

On mornings when the grass is dewy or the weather is still a little chilly, bring your yoga routine into the enclosed porch. The energizing outdoor elements will still enhance your practice, and you'll feel more comfortable in the warmer, dry space. 

Catch up with the neighbors or visiting friends

Do you frequently host company? Turn the front porch into a social space with a sofa and a couple of chairs. 

Enjoy quiet time while sipping your early morning coffee or afternoon tea

When you need a little "me time," slip out of the house and into your porch. Even a short time alone can help you re-energize for the day. 

Get creative in an inspiring space

If you like to paint, write or knit, consider using your enclosed porch as a creative space. You can bring in colorful accessories to help with the inspiration.

What are your favorite ways to use your enclosed porch?

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