Best Rugs for Indoor Entertaining This Winter

Best Rugs for Indoor Entertaining This Winter

Find the perfect natural fiber rug for holiday entertaining in your indoor spaces.


The holiday season is almost here which means the time for gathering with family and friends is around the corner. It also means your indoor space might be getting some extra foot traffic in the coming months. As you map out your holiday entertaining, make sure you have the best rugs to adorn your floors. Here are some of our favorite indoor natural fiber rugs that are made to last the welcome and wear of this busy time. 

#1 - Boucle Sisal Rug

Sisal is an excellent material for indoor spaces because it is a naturally durable fiber. However, the Boucle Sisal Rug is also special because it is made with a tight weave. The tight weave enhances the longevity of this natural fiber rug. It was made to withstand parties and celebrations all year long. 

Boucle Sisal Rug

#2 - Bali Sisal Blend Rug

Two natural fibers come together to make one extraordinary rug in the Bali Sisal Blend Rug. Made with Polysilk, this premium polyester fiber works for you when you have a crowd over. It naturally repels moisture making spills much easier to clean up in the moment. Combined with natural Sisal fibers, this rug can stand the test of time and stains. 

Bali Sisal Blend Rug

#3 - Seagrass Area Rug

Want a rug that looks as warm as your welcome? Consider the Seagrass Area Rug. Known for its neutral shade, natural fiber rugs made with seagrass have a honeyed hue. Seagrass also has a naturally stain resistant shell which helps them stand up to spills. Incredibly durable, it works amazingly in indoor spaces that see a lot of action like dining rooms, living rooms and entryways. 

Seagrass Area Rug

#4 - Hemp Grass Rug

If you are looking for durability and sustainability, the Hemp Grass Rug might be the ticket for your holiday entertaining. Hemp is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and incredibly stain resistant due to its naturally porous fibers. It also has a comfortable feel, giving a little extra padding under foot when guests are standing on it at your holiday get-together. 

Hemp Grass Rug

#5 - Lido Wool Rug

For all those no-shoe houses, you’re going to want a rug that feels soft under foot. The Lido Wool Rug does just that. A blend of durable wool and soft viscose, it will feel like a dream to your house guests as they stand on it. Wool is highly versatile. Crush resistant yet soft to the touch, it will make all your indoor gatherings extra cozy.

Lido Wool Rug

#6 - Athens Stain Resistant Sisal Rug

With a festive Greek-inspired pattern, the Athens Stain Resistant Sisal Rug is made to withstand heavy-duty holiday entertaining. Treated for stain resistance before the weaving process, the fibers of this rug provide extra protection against spills. Plus, Sical is naturally durable, meant to stand the test of time. You’ll be hosting on this rug for years to come.

Athens Stain Resistant Sisal Rug

Natural Fiber Rugs for any Occasion

Still searching for the perfect rug for indoor holiday entertaining? These are just a few suggestions to help you get started. To view a more extensive list of options, check out our full catalog. Whichever natural fiber rug you choose, you’re destined to be the host with the most this holiday season!


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