6 Patterned Rugs to Add Geometry to Any Room

6 Patterned Rugs to Add Geometry to Any Room

We’ve collected some of our best selling, most popular patterned rugs for anyone looking to add geometric style to their home.


Solids are traditional, trustworthy, and chic. There's a reason why simple, neutral colored rugs are perennial best sellers: because they work. Sometimes, though, you want something a little different. Sometimes you want to add a boost of visual interest to your living space. 

One of the simplest ways to do that is by adding patterns. Patterns offer interesting angles and geometry that can accent and highlight other decor, simultaneously elevating and tying a space together.

To make shopping for your next patterned rug easier, we went through and highlighted six of our best selling options below:

Diamond Wool Sisal Rug

The Diamond Wool Sisal Rug is an excellent example of a traditional diamond patterned rug. Made from a blend of 60% wool and 40% sisal, it possesses the underfoot softness and durability of both. Offered in an undyed off-white with accents in other cool-to-warm neutrals, this rug can fit with any kind of decor.

Key Wool Sisal Rug

The Key Wool Sisal Rug has many of the same benefits as the first rug on this list. They're both made from an equal part durable and soft sisal and wool blend and are available in similar colorways. What’s unique about the Key Wool Sisal Rug is the cool, less traditional angular key-shape pattern on its surface. 

Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug

We're especially fond of this patterned rug because it uses a bolder color contrast than any other in our collection. This makes the Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug especially well suited for rooms where bold colors have a space to shine. The pattern itself, diamonds made from thin criss-crossing lines, just tie the whole thing together.

Laguna Outdoor Sisal Rug

This rug has the least intrusive pattern of any on the list: there are stripes, but they're all very close in color. This makes the Laguna Outdoor Sisal Rug different is its ability to offer the flexibility of solids and the interest of patterns at the same time. As an added bonus, this rug is specially suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Kava Patterned Sisal Rug

The Kava Patterned Sisal Rug has a lot going for it. First are the three pretty and light neutral tan tones it's available in. Second is it's low pile height that makes it a great option for anyone interested in layering their rugs. Finally there's the wide diamond pattern that adds a plush, organic look to the whole thing.

Arrow Patterned Sisal Rug

The tight, thin, sharp angles of the Arrow Patterned Sisal Rug are the reason it was chosen for this list. The pattern is distinct, but so tightly woven that it can appear solid at a distance. This duality works by offering both texture and color to any space it's laid out in. As an added bonus, this rug is available in five different colorways that include both warm and cool tones to match your unique decor.

Geometric shapes in neutral colors are a great way to add visual interest without letting a room get overwhelmed. We’ve shared six of our favorite patterned geometric rugs above, but if you’d like to look at other options yourself, you can always check out our catalogue of natural fiber rugs - all available for purchase online!


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