6 Ways to Start Updating Your Decor for Every Season

6 Ways to Start Updating Your Decor for Every Season

Not sure how to switch up your home decor? Let the changing seasons be your guide. Here are 6 ways to decorate for all seasons.


Let your imagination run wild starting with our wide selection of patterned rugs.  

You know how the old song goes: to everything, there is a season. While the changing of time is most evident in the temperature and foliage outside, you can bring the seasons indoors by switching up your decor. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, here are some ways you can decorate for all seasons.

Rug Swap

Rugs have a way of defining an area in a home. Their patterns, colors, and textures provide a powerful impact on a room’s aesthetic. Switching them up each season is a surefire way to redecorate. 

In the winter, you may opt for warmer colors and softer, cozier materials. Come summer, swap in a natural fiber rug with brighter hues. Rugs can also easily be rolled up and stored between seasons. 

Wool rugs work great in the winter, like this Wave Wool Sisal Rug in Sahara.

Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t love a decorative throw pillow? An accent that can be added to couches, beds, and benches, switching them out is a simple way to decorate for all seasons. Again, think about the colors and textures that align with the time of year. For example, a brightly colored throw pillow is an eye-catching way to make a room feel more like spring. You can even invest in throw pillowcases that you switch throughout the year to save on storage. 

Hand Towels

Hand towels are both useful and easy to tailor your decor to any season. Try a pumpkin printed towel in the fall, or a towel embroidered with snowflakes in the winter. The possibilities are endless. Hand towels are also very easy to swap out between seasons and a quick way to keep things fresh in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Trinkets & Baubles 

We all have little mementos or seasonal knick-knacks that have a special place in our hearts. As the seasons change, this is the perfect time to put them on display. Arrange them around your house to your liking. 

Don’t have any trinkets or baubles? Head to your local home goods store and pick up one or two that inspire you. For a more vintage look, try thrifting. You’re bound to find a few small items that work with your seasonal themes for years to come.

Try a hemp rug when decorating for summer, like this Hemp Grass Rug in Autumn Brush.


We change our clothes for the seasons to adjust for temperature and comfort, and your bedding should be no different. Try linen in the summer and fleece in the winter. Adding seasonal flare keeps your bedroom fresh while making it extra enticing to go to bed each night. Don’t forget to match your bedding with your seasonal throw pillows!

Flowers & Wreaths

Flowers blooming, leaves falling, pine needles peaking through the snow—nothing marks the passage of time like these signs of nature. Use them to your decorative advantage. Seasonal wreaths displayed on your front door or inside are a creative way to decorate.


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