Now that the temperature is starting to rise, you've ditched your winter coat for a lighter spring jacket, changed your flannel sheets to cotton and replaced your winter curtains with a thinner material. You've even brightened up the colors in your home to match the flowers that will soon be blooming, and why not? After all, you're ready to welcome spring with open arms! As you prepare for the warmer weather, consider switching up your rugs as well. While thick wool fabrics and plush shag rugs can be comforting in the winter, they often feel unnecessary when you have to turn on the air conditioning in your home. Natural-fiber rugs are warm, light and perfect for spring and summer decorating. 

Natural-fiber rugs like sisal and jute can bring texture and earthy colors into just about any room in your home. They're also extremely durable, making them well-suited for high-traffic areas like the living room or in hallways. Use a sisal rug to complement your bright accents and warm up the overall look. If you still want a little bit of color, simply place a smaller rug on top to pull off the chic layered look that remains a popular trend today.

The biggest benefit of natural-fiber rugs is that they're suitable for all seasons! You can continue layering your rugs to incorporate new colors and patterns into your existing decor, and rely on your natural-fiber rugs to be timeless accessories that always look cozy and elegant.