What is Sisal Life Protector?

sisal life protector

Sisal rugs are naturally durable and well-suited for high-traffic areas. In fact, most people who buy sisal rugs for their homes do so because of their durability (and because sisal rugs are affordable and stylish). Still, you can do your part to protect your rug, maintain its appearance and prevent it from becoming stained. The Sisal Life Protector is designed to decrease absorbency, which prevents spills from becoming stains, and to increase the life of your rug. 

The Sisal Life Protector is safe to use on sisal and all natural-fiber rugs. Just like our selection of natural-fiber materials, the protector we offer is an acrylic polymer and is safe for the environment, as it contains no ozone-depleting substances. Have the protector professionally applied, or buy a do-it-yourself spray bottle and tackle the job. The spray bottle is easy to use and – after being treated with our protector – your rug will be better able to repel water and resist stains, allowing it to stay in topnotch shape. You'll also be happy to know that when your sisal rug is treated with the protector, you won't have to clean it as often. 

Give your rug the protection it needs to stay stylish and functional with the Sisal Life Protector. This simple solution can make a big difference.