Decorating a hotel is all about creating a comforting, appealing environment. Natural fiber rugs are a simple way to enhance the different areas of your hotel space. While the subtle designs make it easy to add these rugs to any area, it’s important to recognize the different features of each fiber so you can determine the best placement for each rug.

Natural sisal wool rugs are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Because of their soft weave, they are a perfect fit for inside hotel rooms, where guests can remove their shoes and really enjoy these rugs. Try putting a large area rug under the bed or a smaller rug near the couch or chair.

Jute rugs are also known for their softness, but it’s their durability that stands out. Their thick bold weaves create a stunning braided texture that can withstand wear and tear. They’re a good choice for areas with a lot of foot traffic, such as doorways in individual rooms or in front of the lobby's service desk.

Like jute, seagrass grass rugs are woven of thick, durable fibers and work well in heavy-traffic areas. But their beige hues with hints of beautiful sage green deserve to be seen on a grander scale. Consider choosing a large seagrass area rug for a centerpiece of the lobby floor so everyone can see its gorgeous colors and texture.

For outdoor areas, such as outside the hotel entrances or a balcony, rugs from the indoor/outdoor polypropylene collection are the best choice. They are mold and mildew resistant and made to survive outside, unlike natural fiber rugs. Since they are built to withstand the outdoor elements, they are also great for hotel bathrooms where a splash of water won’t hurt them.

From inside the rooms to out in the openness of the lobby, rugs are available for every area in a hotel. The selection of our natural fiber and indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs are a simple, affordable way to bring quality décor to your hotel space.