Bedroom rugs are both a stylish and practical solution for your space. They can help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, provide a comfortable place for your feet and dampen the sounds of foot traffic – a benefit that others in your home can appreciate. The question isn't, however, whether or not you should buy a rug for your bedroom. It's how to choose the best one. Here's a useful guide to narrow down your options and help you select a bedroom rug that you will love. 


Before you buy a bedroom rug, decide where you want to place it. Underneath the bed is a common spot. If you want to place a rug underneath the bed, choose a large enough size so that the rug extends out on all three sides. If you wish to buy a smaller size rug, you can place it on just one side of the bed. 


Most people want their bedroom rugs to be both soft and durable. If that's the case for you, consider a natural-fiber rug. Materials like sisal wool and Jute can be durable enough to withstand foot traffic and soft enough to boost the comfort level in your bedroom.  


There are many colors and designs you can choose from, but not every rug will fit into your room's design. Consider your room's style first and find a rug to enhance the look. Natural colors can create a simple, sophisticated style. If you wish to make a bigger statement, choose a rug in a bright color or one that features an eye-catching pattern.  

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