The fall and winter seasons mean the return of cozy sweaters, cups of steaming hot chocolate and smiles spreading holiday cheer at every corner. But with these seasonal pleasures come some pains, like shoes coated in mud, snow, road salt or a grimy mixture of all three. With these elements on your shoes, your shiny floors are at risk for permanent damage. Ensure your floors stay clean and safe during the colder seasons with a heavy-duty rug.

The easiest way to combat the nasty conditions and keep your floors clean is to get rid of the dirt before it even gets inside. With an outdoor rug near the front door, you can wipe dirty shoes clean before stepping foot onto your spotless floors. Not all rugs are designed for the outdoors, however, so you’ll want to choose one carefully.

Polypropylene rugs (also known as olefin rugs) are the best option because they’re designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They won’t grow mold when wet, and their colors won’t fade from exposure to the sun. A little snow and mud is no match for the strong fibers of a polypropylene rug. For good measure, though, consider placing a second polypropylene rug in your home’s entryway. This second rug will catch any remaining water or dirt, and it is a great spot to store your shoes while inside.

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