When we're feeling rundown or stressed, there's nothing like a good dose of nature to help us feel energized. There's something about the fresh air, calming colors, good smells, beautiful sites and shining sun that instantly boosts our mood. While you can't be outdoors and enjoy gorgeous weather 24/7, you can bring elements of the outdoors into your home. Here are a few natural decor ideas to freshen up your space and help you feel rejuvenated. 

Grow herbs indoors

If you like to grow your own mint, rosemary or any other herbs during the spring and summer, why not do so indoors? This way, you can enjoy fresh scents and beautiful greenery even on a cloudy or rainy day. 

Style your space with natural accessories

Besides solid wood, there are many natural materials used these days to make furniture and accessories. Organize your home with a stylish wicker basket or add a welcoming touch to the living room with a chic natural-fiber rug

Install a skylight

Needing a boost of energy? Skylights are great for letting natural light shine directly into your room and can help combat fatigue during the day. 

Use sheer curtains

If skylights are out of the question, hang sheer curtains over your windows to enjoy natural lighting. Lightweight, transparent curtains still provide privacy, but they do so without completely blocking out the sun. 

Eliminate bad odors with fragrance oils

You already know that fresh plants and flowers are one way to get your house smelling great. Another strategy is to use natural fragrance oils, like lavender, in each room. Lavender is a good scent to use in the bedroom, as it is known to calm and reduce stress.