Designing your dream home can be tricky when you own pets, but not impossible. With the right furniture and décor, you won't have to sacrifice comfort and style in order to make your living room a pet-friendly space.

Choose rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpeted floors absorb odors, collect hair and soak up stains, none of which work in your favor with pets running around. Instead, add warmth and style to the living room floor with a pet-friendly rug. Highly stain-resistant and easy to clean with water, indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs are perfect for pet owners. Although they’re built tough, they’re soft to the touch and come in a variety of designs to blend in with your décor.  Pictured above is color Belize Pewter

Match décor to pet’s fur color

Cats and dogs tend to leave hair wherever they go, but décor in a color similar to your pet prevents the hair from standing out and becoming an eye sore. With furniture and rugs that match your pet, the shedded hair will blend in until you have time to vacuum the room.

Keep items in closed storage

Pets are curious about their surroundings, and they love to snoop when left alone — especially cats. Anything left on tables or exposed shelves is susceptible to your pet’s inspection and possible destruction. Closed storage, like a bookcase with glass doors or a coffee table with storage cabinets, will protect your possessions while you’re away.

Don’t let your pets hold you back from designing a welcoming living room. Use these tips to create a stylish and functional space that works for both you and your furry companions.