Are Sisal Rugs Soft?

Are Sisal Rugs Soft?


Are sisal rugs soft?  Yes, they can be.  Same thing applies to runners.  We have found that the thicker and chunkier the sisal weave the softer it feels on the feet.  The two chunkiest 100% sisal weaves are the Sun Sisal and Mali Sisal.  The Mali Sisal is the largest of the looped weaves and the Sun Sisal is a close second.  The color Sunlight has been one of the most popular colors with our customers and is now available up to 16’2” wide (and 98’ long)!!

Want to make it softer?  Add a Rug Pad!  The rug pad adds more cushion to the rug making it much softer underfoot as well as helping prolong the life of the rug. 

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Mali Sisal Collection Chamois w/ Toffee Designer Series binding

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