Better Homes and Gardens Features the Sunlight Sisal Rug

Better Homes and Gardens Features the Sunlight Sisal Rug

Sisal Rugs Direct has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Take a look at what rug was used.


If you think sisal rugs only belong on the porch, think again, and find out why they’re the rug choice that can stand up to the demands of a young family that needs beautiful interior design that’s functional. Check out the photos in this issue of Better Homes and Garden and you’ll see a Sun Sisal Rug with a tan border. Created with a thick, chunky weave of 100% high-grade African sisal, the Sun Sisal Rug comes in a variety of muted earth tones. Make your rug your own with custom sizing and more than 100 border colors in nine types of material.

Read the article: Pretty Please: This family home keeps its grown-up style while making room for the kids. With four children under the age of seven, Jenny and Will Stegall might be tempted to pack away their precious things until the kids are older, “The reality is I should have an empty house where the kids can just race around,” Jenny jokes. But rather than sacrifice their sophisticated style – or declare adult spaces off-limits - the San Francisco couple reached a happy compromise. The family sits down to dinner each night on Chippendale chairs that belonged to Will’s grandmother. But the sturdy modern table is topped with a kid-proof concrete. Six-year-old Annie loves having tea parties in the living room, where a pair of French colonial chairs look fit for a princess; practical stain-resistant upholstery can handle any less-than-royal spills. And an extra slipcover is Jenny’s backup plan for keeping the family room looking good; when one gets dirty, she slips the clean one on the sofa instead of having to rush to the washing machine. To adapt the not-so-big Victorian Era house to modern family life, Jenny had to get creative with space. She turned a butler’s pantry into a pintsize nursery for baby Henry, and a sitting room off the front hallway into an arts-and-crafts area and mudroom. The kids love having a place to be as messy as they want, and Jenny loves that at the end of the day, all the art supplies get put away in brightly colored bins that fill a shelving unit. “There is just no space for things we either don’t love of need,” Jenny says. “Our house is very much about function.”

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