Choosing The Right Rug Based on Your Lifestyle

Choosing The Right Rug Based on Your Lifestyle

People live their lives in different ways. That extends to their home decor - learn how to choose a rug based on your lifestyle with help from this post.


Some people spend most of their time outside enjoying nature. Some people prefer to be indoors, cozy and warm, with their coffee maker and their favorite book. Some people work a lot, sleep a lot, dance a lot, or do different things altogether. There’s no right or wrong answer for living, after all - just the answer that’s right for you.

We know it sounds wacky, but… that’s also true when it comes to rugs. The right rug for your home won’t just fit your home decor, it’ll fit your entire lifestyle. We’ve taken the time to categorize different rug types based on the lifestyles they’re best suited to below.


Lifestyle this type of rug is best suited for: a busy one, whether it’s because you have a bustling family life or are busy for one of a thousand different reasons.

Reasoning: Sisal rugs are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle because it ticks all the boxes without being too difficult to care for. Sisal fibers are incredibly strong, free from any chemical processing (good for families), and come in a wide range of subtle patterns. As an added bonus, their typically neutral color palette can work in the middle of just about any home design.


Lifestyle this type of rug is best suited for: people with allergies or sensitivities to other fiber varieties.

Reasoning: Did you know that seagrass rugs are hypoallergenic? That makes them a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies, significant or small. While that’s the main benefit of a grass rug, it’s not the only one. They're non-porous and water resistant, stain-resistant, and can provide a beautiful naturally colored addition to any room.


Lifestyle this type of rug is best suited for: families or individuals that want to make a long term investment and create a space that’s soft, cozy, and comfortable.

Reasoning: There is no natural fiber that's more comfortable and soft than wool. The trade off is that wool rugs tend to cost more than other natural fiber alternatives, but they're definitely worth it. A wool rug is the perfect centerpiece for a busy living room or office, guaranteeing a good experience.


Lifestyle this type of rug is best suited for: an environmentally focused one, where you care about sustainability and natural, organic purchase choices.

Reasoning: Jute is a quintessential natural fiber. It's a great choice for anyone who prioritizes an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and aesthetic. It only comes in natural tan and brown tones, is sustainably grown and made, and is affordably priced. Not to mention the fact that it's a low maintenance fiber that's easy to care for!

Polysilk and Polypropylene

Lifestyle this type of rug is best suited for: an active, social one where you’re doing a lot of outdoors entertaining.

Reasoning: Polysilk and polypropylene rugs are both made from synthetic fibers. This affords them certain durabilities that other natural-fiber rugs can lack. The main draw for these rugs is that they can be safely displayed both indoors and outdoors due to their water and mold-resistant natures. If you live a life where you’re spending a lot of time outside or doing a lot of exterior entertaining, these rugs are perfect for you.

If you live a life filled with exploration, you might be inclined to go looking through our selection of rugs on your own. Go ahead! We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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