Considerations for creating a customized rug: Sisal

Considerations for creating a customized rug: Sisal

Sisal Rugs Direct offers 10 types of sisal rugs, but what makes each different? Follow this breakdown to learn about each design.


Sisal is one of the most popular natural fiber rugs. Because of its durability, sisal is perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways, entryways and living rooms. With 10 types of sisal, a variety of colors and multiple sizing options available at Sisal Rugs Direct, creating a customized rug can be overwhelming. To figure out the best fit for your home, start with this breakdown of the different sisal textures and designs offered.

Boucle, Brasilia and Dorado

The first three styles of sisal rugs are the thinnest and most tightly woven. With tight weaves, these rugs are built tough and won’t show signs of wear and tear easily. Boucle is a simple, classic sisal weave and one of the most affordable styles. Slightly thicker and larger than Boucle, Brasilia sisal has a bolder, more striking appearance that’ll draw attention in the room. Dorado rugs are made with the highest-quality sisal and are the thinnest option available.

Santiago, Mali, Sun and Chucky Boucle

These styles feature large, thick weaves that are perfect for creating texture and character in a space. The larger-weaved rugs are also the softest of the sisal offerings. Featuring a thicker Boucle weave, Santiago makes a bolder statement than the regular Boucle sisal. The Chunky Boucle has an even larger weave and is one of the thickest sisal rugs available. Both Mali and Sun sisal have large, looped weaves and are known for their softness. The main difference between the two are their color offerings; Mali is available in seven colors, ranging from light to dark, while Sun is now available in three design forward grays and other naturals. 

Kenya, Porto and Trellis

Natural fiber rugs are known for their subtle designs, often containing only one color. Kenya, Porto and Trellis are three patterned sisal rugs that offer more variety. Kenya has a beautiful diamond pattern, while Trellis features an intricate lattice pattern modeled after a garden trellis. The Porto sisal has a pattern of Greek Keys, a symbol of infinity and unity used in design to showcase elegance. Any of these patterned sisal rugs is sure to make a statement in your home.

Now that you know what separates each sisal weave, you can pick the right style for your room.

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