Considerations for creating a customized rug: Sisal Wool

Considerations for creating a customized rug: Sisal Wool

With the strength of sisal and softness of wool, a blended sisal wool rug is perfect for your home. Learn how to create a customized sisal wool rug.


Sisal wool rugs combine the incredible durability and texture of sisal with the smooth feel of wool. The pairing creates a perfectly balanced rug that’s ideal for almost every area of the home. Sisal Rugs Direct has five different types of sisal wool rugs available for customization — traditional sisal wool, Lana, Cabo, Chevron and Chanelle. Learn about each type below and choose which is the right fit for your home.

Sisal Wool – The traditional sisal wool blend is 60 percent wool and 40 percent sisal. It’s one of the softest of our natural fiber rug offerings and comes in five colors. All color options are flat woven, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Lana – One of Sisal Rugs’ best-selling rugs, the Lana sisal wool is made of 55 percent wool and 45 percent sisal. The style is defined by its striking basketweave design and amazing comfort.

Cabo – The Cabo wool sisal rug is a sophisticated design with an intricate weave that creates a simple yet elegant feel. This style comes in three colors.

Chevron – The Chevron wool sisal is designed to bring vibrancy and movement into your home with its timeless pattern. It has a blend of 64 percent sisal and 36 percent wool, and the distinctive pattern is available in five colors.

Chanelle – Chanelle Wool Sisal features a contemporary, textured design that’s woven in Belgium and is made of 75 percent sisal and 25 percent wool. Three color options are available.

Once you've chosen a sisal and wool blend, head to the Create a Rug page and start crafting your new rug. Color, border, shape and size can all be customized to fit your needs.

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