Decorating with Runners

Decorating with Runners

Rug runners are versatile and can be used in many areas of your home.


In fact, if you counted the number of runners in your house, you might be surprised at how many you already have: in the hallway leading from your front and back doors, in the kitchen in front of the sink, in your upstairs hallways, up and down your stairs – that’s six runners that I have in my house and there are probably more.

Runners can help quiet and cushion the sound of footsteps on your stairs or in a hallway. They can protect your carpet or hardwood floors in high traffic areas. A beautiful, long runner down a long wooden staircase is very attractive.

You can change your runners with the season and you can take them with you if you move.

Decorating with area rug runners is an easy and less expensive way to update or revitalize the look in the rooms of your home. Sisal Rugs Direct is the best place to shop for runners. We offer runners in most of our rug styles in a wide variety of colors and border colors.  Many customers also order a runner to match the area rug in the same or adjoining room.

We have two standard width runners: 24” and 28” x whatever length you want (up to 98’!) Click on Runner as the Product Type in the Custom Options tab. You can also order a runner any width or length as a Custom Rug in the Custom Options tab.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of these runner area rugs in your home today.

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