DIY: How To Create Your Own Custom Rug

DIY: How To Create Your Own Custom Rug


DIY: How To Create Your Own Custom Rug Pictured is Panama color Hemp Grass rug.

Finding a rug that perfectly suits both your space and style isn't always easy. That's why at Sisal Rugs Direct, we allow you to create your own custom rug, one that is designed exactly to your liking. Here's how to get started. 

1. After you've landed on the Sisal Rugs home page, under the "Products" tab, select "Create a Rug." This will take you to a list of different materials you can use to make your own custom rug. 

2. Choose the material that best meets your needs and matches your style. From natural-fiber rugs like Dorado Sisal to outdoor rugs made from polypropylene material, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

3. Once you have selected a material, click "Custom Options." This will allow you to pick your preferences. 

4. Go through each drop-down menu to select the color you desire for your rug (and binding), the type of binding you like and the shape. You'll enter the size manually, and when doing so keep in mind that we can make any size rug you need. We also clip corners or cut out sections of the rug if needed. There is also an option to add a protector and rug pad if you wish; both are highly recommended. 

5. Type in the quantity you would like to purchase and you're done! Whether you have a uniquely shaped room or a very narrow area you're trying to cover, our custom options allow you to find a rug that perfectly fits in with your space. 

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