Do Natural Fiber Rugs Need to be Cleaned Professionally?

Do Natural Fiber Rugs Need to be Cleaned Professionally?

Natural fibers are easy to clean if you follow a few guidelines. The best way to keep your natural fiber rug looking like new is regular vacuuming. Read more now


Natural fiber rugs may seem tricky to clean since you can’t use steam cleaners, wet shampoos or other water-based solutions without causing permanent damage. Because of this, many people assume a professional cleaning is the best route. It’s time to bust this myth, however. Cleaning your rug is simpler than you thought, and there are ways to tackle dirt and stains on your own.

Dirt doesn’t stick to natural fibers the way it does to most synthetic fibers. Instead, dirt rests loosely on the weave of the rug and can be removed easily with a vacuum. The simple act of vacuuming once a week with a suction-only vacuum will prevent soil buildup and keep your rug in prime condition.

Frequent vacuuming keeps your natural fiber rug protected from everyday wear and tear, but what about accidental spills and stains? When a spill does occur, dabbing it up with an absorbent cloth should be the first course of action. Even if it’s just water, the spill should be given immediate attention. The longer it sits, the deeper the liquid will soak in. Make sure not to rub the stain, however, as rubbing can push the liquid deeper into the fibers or spread it to a wider area of the rug.

If soaking the stain with a cloth doesn’t work, don’t call a professional cleaning service just yet. For tough stains that won’t budge, try using a dry-cleaning kit. Dry-cleaning kits use a powder containing detergent and solvent to break down and absorb stains. Since many go-to cleaning methods are out of the question for natural fiber rugs, dry cleaning is the way to go with tough stains.

If attempts to soak up the stain with a cloth and dry-cleaning solution both fail, then it may be time to call on the professionals. A professional cleaning should be treated as a last resort, though. Trying these simple methods first can save you a lot of time and money.

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