Fox9 News Labels Sisal Rugs Direct As Affordable And Stylish

Fox9 News Labels Sisal Rugs Direct As Affordable And Stylish


Finding stylish area rugs that won't cost you a fortune can be tricky at times, but not when you're shopping at Sisal Rugs Direct. In last week's Twin Cities Fox9 news, local lifestyle expert Ross Sveback did a segment on affordable area rugs, featuring our seagrass rugs and brand as an example. Unlike many elaborate area rugs that are expensive and not worth the costs, Sveback describes Sisal Rugs Direct as a way to "get affordable luxury for your home."

While we offer many different natural-fiber products, Sveback chose to focus solely on seagrass and during the segment and highlighted several of its benefits. He described seagrass fibers as being durable in nature but soft to the touch, and he even gave tips for decorating with seagrass rugs, including:

  • Layer the look with a smaller-sized rug for more flair and fun.
  • Leave about a one-foot border around a room to define the space.
  • Put a rug pad underneath to extend the life of your rug. 

Like Sveback says, area rugs can work to completely change the look of a room. Consider one for your space today and rely on Sisal Rugs Direct to provide affordable, long-lasting and stylish options for your home. 

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