Front porch decorating ideas: 4 ways to freshen up your space

Front porch decorating ideas: 4 ways to freshen up your space

Is your enclosed porch looking a little dull? Freshen up the room’s style with these four easy front porch decorating ideas from Sisal Rugs.


Your enclosed porch has a few furniture pieces for summer lounging, but the space still seems to lack that comforting look your living room has. Fortunately, all you need are some eye-catching accessories and maybe one or two smaller furnishings to refresh the room. Begin your creative brainstorm with these four ideas. 

Sit a fun floor-sized lamp next to the sofa

Most of the time, the natural sunlight flooding through your screens will provide all the light you need to read. A floor lamp comes in handy during those calm summer nights when you decide to relax on the front porch sofa. Use this opportunity to inject color and creativity into your space. An eye-catching contemporary design gives your entire porch a bolder style. 

Create a lively space with energizing green plants

Green plants bring color and a fresh fragrance to the front porch. They're also natural air purifiers, helping you breathe easier in your favorite summer space. 

Welcome all to relax using a cozy rug

If you have enough color in the front porch, create a cozier look with a natural-fiber sisal rug. The neutral shades will complement your green plants nicely, and the texture gives the room a more interesting style. 

Bring a bright bar cart into the room to entertain

On a hot summer's day, stay cool in your enclosed porch while drinking refreshing lemonade. A brightly colored bar cart makes it easy to serve guests in style, and can become a unique addition to the front porch.

It doesn't take much to transform a room. Use these ideas to brighten your front porch today!

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