How to Give Your Home’s Interior Design a New Year Reboot

How to Give Your Home’s Interior Design a New Year Reboot

The new year is upon us, and with it comes a familiar question: what are your resolutions? The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to commit to change, especially when the previous year was a challenging one (hello, 2020).


For us at Sisal Rugs Direct, we’re looking forward to new opportunities to innovate, create, and support our company and customers.

What about you? If your new year’s resolutions are leaning toward interior design, you’re in luck. In today’s post, we’re going to cover the most impactful things to focus on if you want to successfully give your home’s interior design a new year reboot.

Search the internet for things that inspire you.

Revamping your home decor style doesn't have to follow any exact rules. The only necessities are that it matches your wants and your needs. An easy way to get a better idea of exactly how you want to change things is by going online and searching through images of rooms or styles you enjoy. Find influencers in the design styles you like, follow the social media pages of brands that create things that you find inspiring. This research is where everything else should stem from... and, hopefully, is fun for you to do!

Find out what trends professional designers are following.

We’ve already said that the most important taste when it comes to your interior design is your own. That doesn’t mean it has to be the only sense of taste you look at. Even if you have a bold vision for your new year reboot, you can still take a moment to see what things are currently trending. Modern, seasonal trends will influence the availability of different furniture and decor items. Knowing which trends align most with your taste will open you up to the widest range of potential purchasing options.

Create an inspiration board.

You’ve done the research… but now what? Take all that info you’ve learned about your taste, take all the screenshots you took and images you saved, and put them into an inspiration board.  You can print images and ideas out on paper to create a physical board or you can use a digital service like Pinterest or the slightly more niche Hometalk. Once you have all the inspiration you’ve gathered displayed in front of you, it’s likely that you’ll be able to pick out certain ideas or items you’re most drawn to. These will be the things you’ll use to give your home’s interior design the new year reboot you were hoping for.

Start small and work your way up.

With any big project, a home decor revamp included, things can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we recommend starting small. A revamp doesn’t have to mean replacing every single thing in a room or your entire space. It’s easier to start by purchasing a new rug or replacing some linens. Examples would be replacing an outdated floor covering with a bright new patterned rug or changing the covers on your throw pillows out for an updated print. This low-stress first step will get you started, help you feel good, and make the other revamp choices less stressful as they come.

As 2020 comes to an end and we look toward the new year, we can’t stop thinking of our immense gratitude for our patrons, partners, and customers. Without you, Sisal Rugs Direct wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your continued business and we cannot wait to see you again in the new year. 

Our resolution, like always, will be to serve you better than ever. If any of your resolutions involve rugs, you know where to find us.

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