How to Order a Custom Size Area Rug

How to Order a Custom Size Area Rug

Follow the instructions on this page on how to make your own custom area rug.


Custom sized natural fiber and outdoor area rugs are our specialty. We can make rugs as small as 2x3 and as large as 13’ wide. (We have a number of rug styles – including Spice Boucle, Sienna Brasilia and Sunlight Sun– that can be made up to 16’4” wide). You can choose any size in one inch increments.  Follow the instructions below on how to make your own custom area rug in each collections Create Your Own Rug Now page.

Step 1:  Start by choosing the collection you want for your area rug.  All collections and their descriptions can be viewed here.

Step 2:  You are now on the Create Your Own Rug Now page.  The standard rug sizes are going to be displayed by default.  To start configuring a custom size area rug, click on the orange tab titled Custom Options. **see picture below**

Step 3:  Choose the Rug Color using the dropdown menu.

Step 4:  Choose the Binding Type using the dropdown menu. Scroll over the ‘?’ to see descriptions of the binding types. **The binding type or size does not change the overall size of the rug**

Step 5:  Choose the Binding Color.  **As you choose different colors the picture on the right will change to your selected options.**

Step 6:  Choose your area rug Width.  You can choose any size in 1” increments starting at 2’.  Maximum width on most rug colors is 13’.  Spice, Sienna and Sunlight can be up to 16’4” width along with many other options.

Step 7:  Choose your area rug Length.  You can choose any size in 1” increments.  Maximum length on most area rug collections is 98’. 

Step 8:  Easily add the option of having Stain Guard applied to the rug.  Read more about the benefits of our Stain Guard here.

Step 9:  Choose if you want to have a rug pad made to go under the rug.  If you choose the rug pad option the finished pad will be an inch or two under the actual size of the rug for a concealed protection.  Read more about our rug pads here.

Step 10:  You are all done!  The price that is displayed on the bottom is the final price of the rug you have configured.  This price INCLUDES SHIPPING!  **Free Shipping most orders only applies to the continental United States.  Additional charges may apply**

Step 11:  Click Add to Cart and follow the instructions at checkout! 

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