Natural fiber area rugs make a great addition to any bedroom, but sometimes choosing the correct size can be difficult for our customers.  This tip sheet, complete with diagrams, will help you determine what size area rug will work best for your bedroom space. 

  • Balancing the area rug under the bed is important.  Depending on the room size there can be more extension of the rug around the bed than suggested but not less.  Extending less means most of the rug is covered by the bed, which can make the rug look insignificant. 
    • King and Queen beds: The natural fiber area rug should be large enough to extend at least 18” beyond the sides of the bed. 
    • Twin and Full beds: The area rug should be large enough to extend at least 14” beyond the sides of the bed. 
  • To keep from walking on a cold, hard floor in the morning, make sure to cover the areas where you step when getting up.  Our natural sisal wool rugs turn a cold floor into an inviting place to walk. 
  • For larger bedrooms choose larger area rugs.  Doing so can help create a more intimate feeling in a big room. 
  • Do not place area rugs over electrical floor outlets or air vents. 
  • Regular maintenance and rotation of the rug are suggested.

Custom sized area rugs are our specialty. Create-Your-Own bedroom rug today!