Sisal in the City: Q&A With Erin Fetherston on Her New York City Loft Revival

Sisal in the City: Q&A With Erin Fetherston on Her New York City Loft Revival

Read our Q&A with designer Erin Fetherston to learn how she used natural-fiber sisal area rugs to complete her New York City loft renovation.


Best known for her work as a fashion designer, Erin Fetherston has recently begun cultivating an interior design following and a love for transforming spaces. Late last year, she began renovating her New York City loft, and she knew exactly what she wanted her newly renovated space to look like. Natural-fiber sisal area rugs were an integral part of the equation.

Below, read our Q&A with Fetherston, where she shares her image for her New York City home and explains how custom rugs from Sisal Rugs Direct helped her polish off her space.

Q: Tell us about your apartment. What were you hoping to accomplish by renovating the space?  

My apartment is a classic example of an industrial loft conversion typical of downtown New York City. I've had the apartment for over a decade and it was time for a refresh. I wanted to reimagine the space as a sanctuary in the city. My goal was to bring in the surrounding expanse of sky and river views, to create a modern, airy, light-filled space for me and my family.

Q: Why was an area rug essential to completing your vision for the apartment?

I always use area rugs to help define and anchor a space. In this case, it was essential as the loft is mostly one open space that includes a living room, dining room, and an open kitchen. The area rug helps break up the large room and define the main sitting area of the living room.

Q: Which type of rug(s) did you decide on and why?

I love layering rugs and usually like to do a natural fiber rug as a base with something textural or unique as an accent on top. For this project, I chose the Cabo Wool weave in Limestone as the base. I especially liked this rug because the wool texture woven against the sisal gives it a sophisticated, city-appropriate feel.

In my living room, I layered a vintage rug on top of the wool sisal rug, and the depth of color and texture of the two together is very rich. I used the same wool sisal rug in my guest room and layered sheepskin runners on top alongside the guest bed. 

Erin Fetherston adds texture to her guest room by layering natural area rugs.

Q: How do you like the finished look?

I love the finished look. The rugs lend an organic, natural feel to the space in a polished way, which was exactly what I was hoping for. 

This Cabo Wool rug in Limestone sets the foundation for Fetherston’s symmetrical living room.

Ready to Makeover Your Space?

Whether your sisal area rug is the primary focus of a room or complements other textures layered throughout the space, sisal area rugs can add depth and sophistication to any room — as is evidenced in Fetherston’s design. Sisal is a durable, all-natural fiber that works in homes new and old. If you’re looking for a new rug to complement your updated space, our collection of all-natural sisal area rugs is a great place to start.

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