What is the Softest Sisal Rug?

What is the Softest Sisal Rug?

The Sun Sisal Collection is one of our softest sisal rugs due to a wide, flat weave.


February 10, 2011 

This is a question we are frequently asked. Sisal rugs are loved for their textured look which coordinates so well with all decors, from casual to elegant. All sisal rugs are made from the same sisal agave plant natural fibers. However, sisal can feel softer depending on the weave. The wider and flatter the weave – therefore having a wider surface that you step on – feels the softest. The Sun Sisal Collection is one of our softest sisal rugs.

Wool sisal rugs, which are a blend of sisal and wool, are our softest sisal rugs.  The Sisal Wool Collection is 60% wool and 40% sisal. Wool is more predominant and the top weave, so it has a softer feel. The Cashmere weave is softest overall of the sisal wool rugs as the weave is wider and flatter – so it feels softer. The Chanelle Sisal Wool Collection is 75% sisal and 25% wool. It has a softer feel than 100% sisal, but not as soft as the Sisal Wool.

Other natural fiber rugsthat have a softer feel areJute rugs.  Jute is a vegetable fiber and feels as soft as cotton. We currently have 2 distinctive weaves in Jute – Clay and Basketweave. Look for more Jute offerings this spring.

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