Why homeowners today desire low-maintenance design

Why homeowners today desire low-maintenance design

Why are homeowners today choosing minimal designs over more intricate styles? Visit Sisal Rugs to discover the benefits of a low-maintenance home.


Today's contemporary look is quite different from traditional interiors of the past. The detailed carvings and plump forms that used to make up furniture have now been replaced with clean lines and simple shapes. Shelves and tabletops that used to be covered with little trinkets now show off only a few carefully curated accessories. Even the accessories themselves have changed; rather than bringing elaborate rugs into the home, many are choosing uncomplicated designs, like those seen in natural-fiber rugs. Overall, homeowners prefer low-maintenance design to excessive decor and furniture. Here are a few reasons why. 

We feel less stressed in an uncluttered space.

The more stuff we accumulate, the easier it is for our spaces to become cluttered. The more our homes become cluttered, the easier it is for us to become stressed. When we walk into a room that looks crowded with accessories, many of us tend to feel overwhelmed. A low-maintenance design creates a calmer environment that instantly quiets our minds and lowers stress. 

We want to reconnect with nature.

Many materials and colors used in low-maintenance design are natural or inspired by the outdoors. We spend most of our time inside, so we might as well make the most of it by bringing a few elements of the outdoors into our interiors. 

We don't want to waste time keeping our home in order. 

Life is busy and many homeowners don't want to spend the free time they do have cleaning up their home. Fewer accessories means less dusting. An open, minimal design also tends to look cleaner and more organized than other interior design styles, without requiring more work on the homeowner's end. 

When life gets complicated, it's nice to come home to a space that's stylishly simple. That's why today many homeowners are choosing contemporary, uncomplicated decor and furniture over traditional styles.

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