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2019 Flooring Trends: 7 New Flooring Options for Your Home

By Sisal Rugs Direct

3/6/2019 12:50 AM
Wood, tile, carpet, laminate, stone … the list goes on. Modern interior design knows no limits when it comes to flooring options; whether you want something sleek, something soft, or something durable enough to keep up with busy kids and pets, there’s a type of flooring out there for yo
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The Top 4 Reasons to Cover Your Hardwood Floors

By Sisal Rugs Direct

3/1/2019 12:01 AM
Hardwood floors are beautiful and you don’t want to cover them up, right? Wrong. Yes, hardwood floors are beautiful, but leaving them as-is can lead to scratches, injuries, and more. Covering up the hardwood in your home is not only a good idea, but a necessary step for maintaining the qu
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Breaking Down the Top Trends From TISE 2019

By Sisal Rugs Direct

2/27/2019 2:43 AM
Every year, thousands of professionals in the flooring industry gather at The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet potential customers, chat with vendors and industry professionals, and learn about upcoming flooring trends for the year ahead of us. At last year&rsquo
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Was your New Year’s resolution to declutter and tidy up your home? How’s it coming? New Year’s resolutions are great, but let’s face it: The new year begins smack dab in the middle of winter, and even though your house probably could use a little organizing, you’d
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8 Must-Watch Hospitality Interior Design Trends for 2019

By Sisal Rugs Direct

2/1/2019 12:21 AM
When it comes to interior design, you want your hotel to wow your guests and leave them excited to come back again in the future. Striking a balance between timeless and trendy can be difficult, but with these hospitality interior design tips, you can upgrade your hotel so that it stands the test of
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