Lotus Jute Rug Collection

Lotus Jute Rug Collection
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Choose to create a rug, runner or wall-to-wall carpet for installation.

Rug Color
Arctic Gold - Up to 16' 2"
Rug Color
Rug Border
Matching Serged Edge**
Rug Border

The binding is folded over the edge of the rug and does not add any size to the rug.

View all border options and colors together on our Border Guide.

**Weatherproof borders.  All other borders are indoors only.

  • Narrow Cotton – 3/4” on face of rug, Top Stitched, Lapped Corners
  • Narrow Faux Leather** –3/4” on face of rug, Top Stitched, Lapped Corners
  • Serged Edge** – 5/8” on face, thin yarn sewn on edge of rug
  • Hand Serging - 5/8" on face, carpet yarn hand sewn for best match - very labor intensive
  • Wide Canvas – 1 1/4” on face, Top Stitched, Mitered Corners, Blind Stitched available
  • Extra Wide Canvas – 2” on face, Top Stitched, Blind Stitched available
  • Wide Cotton – 1 ¼” on face, Top Stitched, Mitered Corners, Blind Stitched available
  • Extra Wide Cotton – 2 ¼” on face, Top Stitched, Blind Stitched available
  • Faux Leather** – 2 1/2” on face, Top Stitched, Blind Stitched available
  • Leather – 2” on face, Blind Stitched
  • Outdoor** – 1” on face, Sunbrella Fabric. Top Stitched/Lapped Corners
Border Color
Matching Edge
Border Color

Best Choice is the closest matching color.

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Maximum width: 16 ft. 2 in.
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Maximum length: 91 ft. 0 in.
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First 4 samples are free. $1.50 for each additional sample.

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of our Lotus Jute Rugs, featuring a meticulously handwoven large-scale herringbone pattern. The natural, undyed jute fibers create a stunning display of earthy tones, adding a touch of organic elegance to your space.  With its soft and inviting texture, the Lotus Jute Rug offers a comforting feel underfoot, making it perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room. Available in extra-wide 16' custom rugs, you can effortlessly find the perfect size to fit your unique space requirements.

Handwoven with care, each Lotus Jute Rug showcases variations in weave and color, highlighting the natural characteristics of this beautiful fiber. These unique qualities ensure that your rug is one-of-a-kind, bringing a distinctive charm to your home.

Please note that as with any jute basketweave product, there may be instances of bowing and skewing, resulting in the weave appearing slightly out of square or having occasional binding skipping ribs. These minor irregularities are part of the inherent nature of jute rugs and should be embraced as a testament to their artisanal craftsmanship.  No claims on jute rugs are allowed.


  • Pile Height: 3/8” *Borders add 1/8”
  • Max Rug Width: 16’2"
  • Roll Size: 16'4” x 92'
  • Fiber: Jute
  • Fiber Content: 100% Undyed Jute
  • Backing: Natural Latex
  • Usage: Indoors
Care and Cleaning

How to clean and care for your jute rug.  Includes links to cleaning products.

Fiber Guide

To help you to get more familiar with each type of area rug fiber we offer

Measuring Guides

Guides for the measuring and placement of rugs in each room of our home.

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