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WALL STREET JOURNAL rates Sisal Rugs Direct the Best Buy!

March 13, 1999 WSJ

In the 70's there was shag; the 80's gave us kilim: and in the 90's, we have sisal. We're talking rugs, of course.

You've seen sisal rugs … neutral-colored mats that are turning up everywhere, from well-appointed dining rooms to college dorm floors. And why not; an average-size sisal rug (6 by 9 feet) costs about $250 to $400, peanuts compared with the thousands you could spend on a fancy Persian.

But bagging a good sisal is no stroll through the bazaar; the "Caramel Brasilia" sisal from Sisal Rugs Direct, for example, won our hearts because it had a thick and strong border that looked like it could survive its share of cocktail parties. It also had a rubbery coating on its underside, so you don't need to buy an antislip pad.

-Jonathan B. Weinbach

Store/Phone/Price: Sisal Rugs Direct
6x9 Caramel Brasilia Sisal (honey beige border) $279
Quality: Best Overall What couldn't we like: We got it quickly (three days after order). The caramel color was rich, the fabric had the clean sisal look without the rough edges, and the bottom was coated to avoid slippage.
Shipping: We paid $75 for expedited service. Pay $15 if you don't mind waiting five to 10 days.
Return Policy: Return within 30 days for refund or exchange. They pay shipping if item is defective.
Phone Attitude: Ideal. John, our operator, helped us along without being pushy.
Comments: Don't be put off by this company's generic sounding name. The rug was first-rate, and the online catalog had several other good choices.

Sisal Rugs Direct
Phone: 1-888-613-1335