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3x5 Area Rugs

A 3x5 rug is considered a small rug in our standard sizes. It is a great size for doorways and smaller sitting areas. Customers also love using our natural 3x5 rugs at the end of their beds to make a softer and warmer surface to walk on. The Sisal Wool rugs make great additions to any bedroom space. To order a 3x5 rug with a custom binding choose one of the Product Categories below.

Boucle Sisal Rugs

Brasilia Sisal Rugs

Santiago Sisal Rugs

Chunky Sisal Rugs

Dorado Sisal Rugs

Mali Sisal Rugs

Sun Sisal Rugs

Kenya Patterned Sisal Rugs

Porto Sisal Rugs

Seagrass Rugs

Hemp Grass Rugs

Jute Mahal Rugs

Jute Clay Rugs

Sisal Wool Rugs

Chanelle Sisal Wool Rugs

Lana Sisal Wool Rugs

Chevron Sisal Wool Rugs

Cabo Sisal Wool Rugs

Four Seasons Outdoor Rugs

Al Fresco Outdoor Rugs

All Weather Outdoor Rugs

Patterned Outdoor Rugs

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