4 ways to weatherproof your outdoor bbq

4 ways to weatherproof your outdoor bbq

Ready to throw the perfect BBQ this summer? Then get ready for rain and wind with these four weather-proofing party tips from Sisal Rugs Direct.


BBQ season is finally here! While we like to throw backyard parties to enjoy the gorgeous weather with loved ones, we can't always predict when rain or strong winds will strike. This summer, be prepared for those less-than-ideal conditions so you can throw a fun BBQ bash despite a little sprinkling. Here are four ways to weather-proof your party. 

Set up a canopy for protection

Unless you're experiencing thunderstorms or heavy rains, there's no reason you can't stay outdoors when the clouds come. A canopy can keep friends, family and the food dry on drizzly afternoons. 

Perfect your patio with weather-resistant furniture and accessories

Furniture that can stand up to the elements and is easy to dry will come in handy all summer long. With plastic furniture (or other weather-resistant materials), you don't have to move your furniture every time the forecast calls for rain. Accessories, such as outdoor rugs, also work well in patio spaces.  

Invest in waterproof speakers

You can't have a party without music! To prevent any damage to your expensive equipment, invest in speakers that can handle a little rain. 

Anchor dishware and decor on windy afternoons

Even on a sunny day you can run into trouble if it's also windy outside. Take note of any lightweight dining accessories or decorations that could blow away, and do your best to anchor these items to keep them secure throughout the party. 

Come rain or shine, your party is going to be one to remember! 

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