Area Rug Cleaners, Rug Pads & Accessories

Area Rug Cleaners, Rug Pads & Accessories

Natural fiber rugs like sisal are durable and long-lasting, but that doesn't mean they're invincible. To preserve the quality of your rug and keep it looking great for years, it's essential that proper care is given. Get everything you need here to extend the life and beauty of your natural fiber rugs and make your floor coverings more practical and comfortable.  We offer custom rug pads that are made to go both indoors and outdoors.

Rug Pads

Keep rugs in place with a rug pad.  Many rug owners assume rug pads are unnecessary and just an extra cost, but that is far from the truth. Rug pads provide extra cushion underfoot, protect floors, and prolong the life of the rug. Our solid rug pad is reversible for use on carpet and recommended if using over radiant-heat flooring. All rug pads can be custom cut to fit your exact measurements.

Rug Cleaning Products

The Host Carpet Cleaning Kit Shaker Pack is the go-to product for cleaning and freshening your natural fiber rug. Protecting sprays can reduce rug stains, but it won't completely eliminate them. When a stain occurs, use a dry cleaning kit, designed specifically for natural fiber rugs, to remove it. Wet-cleaning methods such as steam cleaning should never be used on a natural fiber rug. 

Martha Stewart declares it “a remarkable product” that does a “fantastic job of making stains disappear.” The Shaker Pack contains 2 lbs of dry extraction powder cleaner. You can use it on all your rugs and carpets, not just natural fiber.

Sisal Spot Cleaner is ideal for spot-cleaning accidents. Just apply it with a clean, white cloth. It won’t create a water spot, and it will add extra protection while it cleans.

Sisal Stain Guard is the same product we offer applied to any rug but in a bottle for you to use at home.  Don't wait until it gets dirty to start caring for rug. Simply spray your rug using the easy-to-use bottle to repel water and help prevent spills from becoming stains. One bottle covers 54sq.

Curl Stop

Pesky rug corners not staying flat?  Try our innovative Curl Stop system for your area rug corners.  One pack includes (4) weighted corners to attach to the back of the rug. 

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Sisal Remnants for Cats

Cover your existing cat post with fresh sisal or create an entirely new post!  The DIY possibilities are endless.

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