Try Before You Buy

Free Rug Samples

We know that ordering a rug is a very big decision and we want you to be able to see and feel what your rug will look like and help you match your rug to your room. Therefore, we offer FREE samples.

Once you have Created Your Rug on the product page, simply click on “Order Sample” and order sample(s) of the rug you just created! You can order a sample of the rug material, the binding or both. You can create multiple rugs with different materials and bindings and order samples of them. Only request one of each material and binding color as we have a limit on the number of free samples.

For example, if you have decided on the rug material but want to see a couple of bindings, Create a Rug with the new binding color and click on “Order Sample” and choose the “Binding Sample” only.  See below:

 How to order free carpet samples online

Rug Material samples are approx. 3" x 3" loose pieces cut directly from the same roll as our rugs. Binding samples are approx. 1" loose pieces. The first 6 sample swatches are Free.  Over 6 samples there is a charge of $1.00 per sample.

(Samples to Canada will be charged a minimum postage fee of $7.95. We will contact you for your payment information once you have placed your sample order). 

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