5 Runners Perfect for Your Stair Style - Including One Featured in Country Living!

5 Runners Perfect for Your Stair Style - Including One Featured in Country Living!

Check out the wide variety of comfy and stylish runners available from Sisal Rugs Direct, including one that was recently featured in Country Living magazine.


We've always been huge fans of staircase runners here at Sisal Rugs Direct. After all, what's not to love? They offer practical benefits like staircase protection to keep treads from becoming smoothed down and slippery, which in turn benefits you when you're not slipping and falling on the stairs. Plus, they're cozy, reduce the sound made when someone is tramping either up or downstairs, and add texture and warmth to any space they're in. 

Turns out we're not the only ones who think so, either. Recently, Country Living magazine featured a home makeover that utilized one of our runners on their beautiful home entry. You can check out the feature for yourself by clicking here. However, if you’re interested in seeing examples of high quality stair runners including the one they chose for their home, keep reading.

Domingo Outdoor Sisal Rug

In the home makeover article featured in Country Living, the runner they used in their beautiful New England style front entry was the Domingo outdoor sisal rug in the Dune colorway. It gave a nice neutral contrast to the bold green front door, patterned wallpaper, and vintage accent rugs in the home, tying everything together.

Carmen Polysilk Rug

We like the Carmen polysilk outdoor rug as a runner for a number of reasons. First, being made from polysilk it has the feel of wool underfoot but with additional durability that can stand up to the near-constant use any staircase is going to see.

Second is that this rug is hand-loomed with 100% UV stabilized fibers - meaning that even if it's in your entryway and seeing a lot of direct sunlight, it'll be resistant to fading. Finally, this rug comes in a unique moss green colorway that can add a unique, soft charm to any room it's placed in.

Gorda Outdoor Sisal Rug

The Gorda outdoor sisal rug is on this list because of its ability to add personality and pattern to a space without giving up it's tried and true neutral coloring. Made from 100% polypropylene, this rug is resistant to the elements, making it a great option for anyone with a staircase in their entry and a family who isn't always good at taking their shoes off at the front door.

Lido Wool Rug

Wool rugs are durable. There's a reason wool has been used as a rug fiber since even before the current era... and that's because it works. Our Lido wool rug is a favorite choice for runners because it has wool's tried and true durability but comes in an interesting colorway that fluctuates between different shades, giving a modern ombre look that can easily add style to any staircase it’s added to.

Lana Looped Wool Sisal Rug

Depending on where your staircase is located, you'll likely have different wants or needs when it comes to the runner you choose. The Lana looped wool sisal rug is a great option for stairs into the basement or anywhere where a little brightness and softness is particularly needed. It comes in a variety of bright neutrals, including the lovely almost-yellow Beach variant, and the looped texture makes it especially luxurious underfoot.

These are just a few examples of runners available from Sisal Rugs Direct, including the one recently featured by Country Living magazine. Here’s some good news, though: all of our rugs can be custom cut into the exact size and length runner you want for your home. Your options are nearly endless, so if you’d like to start perusing, you can do so by visiting our extensive online catalog today. 


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