Are Hemp Rugs Soft?

Are Hemp Rugs Soft?

Customers frequently ask whether or not our hemp rugs are soft underfoot. Read more to find out!


Are Hemp Rugs soft?  No, we do not consider Hemp Rugs soft.  They are very durable and have a beautiful deep and rich brown to copper tone, however the fiber is harder underfoot than sisal, jute or Sisal Wool blends.  Our Hemp Grass Rugs are all natural and are un-dyed.

Want to make a Hemp Rug softer?  Add a Rug Pad!  The rug pad adds more cushion to the rug making it much softer underfoot as well as helping prolong the life of the rug. 

Want the look of Hemp but a softer rug?  Here are a few options:

  • Jute Clay: Similar color, soft, thick, durable, undyed
  • Chanelle Walnut: Similar color, soft, 75% Sisal and 25% Wool

Mountain Grass (Hemp) Plants

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