Best Kids Bedroom Rugs

Best Kids Bedroom Rugs

Want to get a rug for your child’s bedroom but don’t know where to start? Our guide to kids’ bedroom rugs has everything you need! 



No kid’s bedroom is complete without a rug. From adding a bit of cushioning when getting in and out of bed to protecting hardwood floors from the wear and tear of childhood, rugs are a must. 

But how can a parent pick the right area rug for their child’s bedroom? Our guide has everything you need to consider for selecting the best kids’ rugs and playroom rugs. 

Rug materials 

While there are many factors you could consider when choosing the right material for your child’s bedroom rug, in reality there are two materials that tend to be better than the rest. Wool and synthetic fiber rugs are both good choices, each with their own benefits. 

Wool Rugs

Wool is among the most popular materials for kids' bedroom rugs. Their durability and softness make them comfortable for children to play on, while the wool fibers are flame-retardant and naturally resistant to stains.

Wool rugs are also generally more plush than other types of rugs, which gives them additional practical benefits. For example, a wool rug is excellent as a sound dampener, which many parents are sure to appreciate. It is also effective at helping protect hardwood floors from scrapes caused by particularly vigorous play.

Synthetic Fiber Rugs

Synthetic fiber rugs, such as those made from polypropylene, are often more affordable than natural fibers. They are also highly resistant to stains, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are among the easiest rugs to clean, making them a practical choice for kids' rooms.

Synthetic fiber rugs also come in a wider variety of colors and designs. This makes it easier to find a rug that matches the decor of your child’s bedroom, or simply one that’s their favorite color. Polypropylene rugs are also generally faster drying than wool rugs, which means any moisture left over from cleaning the rug won’t be there for long.

Safety considerations

Prevent slipping and sliding. Whether your kid is rough and tumble or likes to sit and read all day, it’s important to make sure their rug stays in one place. You can prevent rug slipping and sliding by placing a rug pad under the rug or adding some two-sided rug tape to secure it in place.

Fire resistant. As with all other items in your child’s room, it’s important to make sure their rug is fire resistant. Wool, in particular, has natural flame-resistant properties due to its high moisture content, which makes it an ideal material for kids’ bedroom rugs.

Hypoallergenic. If your child has allergies or asthma, choose a rug made from hypoallergenic materials. Rugs made from polypropylene, wool, sisal, jute, and seagrass are all less likely to trap allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Even so, it’s still important to keep the rug clean to ensure it’s free from allergens.

Where to place a kids’ bedroom rug

Placement of area rugs in children’s bedrooms all depends on what you hope to achieve with the rug and the space available. Here are a few common rug placement scenarios and what to consider for each:

Play area. If the rug is intended for a play area, position it in the center of the room or in a corner, depending on the available space. Make sure there's enough room around the edges of the rug for kids to comfortably play and move around.

Under the bed. Placing the rug under the bed is a common and practical choice. In this case, the rug should extend about 18 to 24 inches on each side of the bed to create a soft, cushioned landing when your child gets up.

Partially under the bed. If you have a smaller rug or a larger bed, you can place the rug partially under the bed, leaving some of it exposed at the foot. This is a great way to get the most utility out of a smaller rug.

Room shape. The shape of the room also plays a role in rug placement. In square rooms, a square or round rug can be centered under the bed. In longer rectangular rooms, placing a rug parallel to the longest wall will help the room feel more open and spacious.

Custom shapes. You don’t need to feel confined to traditional rug shapes! Unique custom-shaped rugs can add a personalized touch to the room and accommodate specific layouts. All our rugs are available in custom sizes and shapes.

4 Fun Kids Bedroom Rugs 

Moroccan Trellis Rug

Moroccan Trellis Rug

The Moroccan Trellis rug in Indigo features a rough diamond pattern that evokes lines drawn with crayons. The playful style of the pattern, the rich blue color, and the soft, natural wool fibers make this an ideal rug for a younger child’s room.

Shop the Moroccan Trellis Rug Collection

Tattersdale Wool Rug

Tattersdale Wool Rug

The Tattersdale wool rug in Tuscan Sun brings an informal yellow and gray plaid pattern to your child’s bedroom. This rug’s wool fibers make it uncommonly soft, as well as stain resistant and naturally durable.

Shop the Tattersdale Wool Rug Collection

Cedar Bay Rug

Cedar Bay Rug

The Cedar Bay polypropylene rug in coral has a bright orange color and a fun Ogee pattern. This rug’s synthetic fibers are especially easy to clean, which means it can stand up to just about anything your kids throw at—or on—it.

Shop the Cedar Bay Polypropylene Rug Collection

Mallorca Rug

Mallorca Rug

The Mallorca polypropylene rug in Marine is reminiscent of a sparkling ocean, making it especially well suited for any shark- or mermaid-themed bedrooms. This rug also has a low pile height of ¼ inch, which means your little ones aren’t likely to trip over it.

Shop the Mallorca Polypropylene Rug Collection

Find the perfect rug for play time

If you want to give your children the comfort of a bedroom rug, wool and polypropylene are both excellent choices. If you want to expand your search, or want to see the whole gamut of possibilities, check out our entire selection of custom cut rugs.

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