Driftwood decor ideas that bring natural beauty into your home

Driftwood decor ideas that bring natural beauty into your home

When you want one-of-a-kind style, consider using driftwood as decor. These four ideas provide easy ways to bring the natural material into your home.


Looking for a way to bring unique style into your space? Try the new trend in natural home decor: driftwood. Naturally textured and full of history, driftwood offers a distinct, nature inspired look to create a more interesting interior design, plus it works well with other natural accessories, such as natural-fiber rugs. Get inspired with these different driftwood craft ideas for using driftwood as decor, and boost your home's style today. 

Turn a piece of driftwood into a unique planter for succulents

Instead of the typical succulent pots you buy for your tiny plants, buy a driftwood planter or make your own. Tended, a gardening blog, provides great DIY instructions for crafting your own natural planter using a piece of driftwood and a gouge tool. 

Create your own word art to hang on the walls

Design words like "Home" or "Family" using driftwood and hang your DIY driftwood art on the wall. If you aren't someone who likes to craft, plenty of driftwood art options can be purchased online instead. 

Hang a driftwood-framed mirror

Another way to incorporate driftwood into your home is to find a mirror framed with the wood material. This decor idea is both practical and subtle, which is great if you already have a few statement accessories in the room. 

Place driftwood pieces in clear cylinder vases 

Create a beach theme by filling up clear cylinder vases with rocks, sand and driftwood. You can assemble your accessories on top of dressers, open shelves or even the coffee table. 

When your home needs a touch of excitement, using driftwood as decor is an easy way to add statement style. Try these DIY driftwood decor ideas to get started on your space's design today. 

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