Measuring a custom sisal stair runner is as easy as ABC.  All of our natural fiber, sisal wool and indoor/outdoor area rug collections can be made into custom sized runners to fit any staircase.  Stair runners help reduce noise and echoing of footsteps on stairs, especially on staircases that are near bedrooms.  Below you will find the steps you need to take to insure you order the perfect sized stair runner.


Step 1: Measure the width (A) of the stair.  Our standard runner widths are 24” & 28”; however we can custom make any stair runner to your exact custom measurements (ex. 27” or 30”).  Typically, customers leave a few inches on either side of the width so the runner does not cover the entire stair, leaving some of the woodwork or tiling exposed.  Write this down as your total width. 

Step 2: Measure the Stair Riser height (B) from the bottom to the lip of the step.  Write this down as your riser measurement.

Step 3: Measure the Stair Depth (C) remembering to measure around the lip to the top of the riser.  Write this down as your riser measurement.

Step 4: Count how many Stair Risers (B) you have.

Step 5: Count how many Stair Depths (C) you have to cover. 

Step 6: Multiply the number of risers (step 4) by the height of the stair riser (step 2). 

Step 7: Multiply the number of Stair Depths (step 5) by the stair depth measurement (step 3).

Step 8: Add the totals from Step 6 and Step 7 together to give you the total length of the runner. 

**Tip- Many of our customers request their stair runners not be bound on the top and bottom widths of the rugs.  This is the “seam” and either meets the floor or the last lip of the stair.  Please leave us a message in the comments section of the checkout page if you have any special requests.**

If you need help ordering a custom natural fiber stair runner please view our FAQ about how to customize your runner using the Create Your Own Rug Now section of our site.  You can view this here.