How to Use Rugs When Styling a Stunning Outdoor Space

How to Use Rugs When Styling a Stunning Outdoor Space

Do you have a backyard you want to style but aren’t sure how? Check out our latest post with tips on how to use rugs to elevate an outdoor space.


Famed poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through man."

Mr. Emerson has a point: it feels really good to be outside. There’s the breeze, the birds, the trees, the flowers, and the sun. Just because everyone enjoys nature doesn’t mean everyone enjoys nature in the same way, and that’s okay! Some people like vigorous twenty mile hikes, some people like breezy socializing, and some people like to sit quietly and enjoy their backyard.

If you’re one of the latter two, this post is for you. Creating a stunning outdoor space to sit or socialize in starts with you, your needs, and your style. One of the easiest places to start is from the ground up, which means… rugs!

Make sure you’re choosing rugs that can stand up to being outdoors. This is the first step, because it’s the most important. None of our other suggestions will work if your rug can’t handle the wear, tear, moisture, and other potential damage incurred from being outdoors. Luckily, there are synthetic rugs made to replicate the look and feel of natural fiber rugs with the added ability of being able to live both indoors and outdoors. We recommend focusing your search on rugs made from outdoor wool (polysilk) or outdoor sisal (polypropylene) when shopping for outdoor-friendly rugs.

Don’t be afraid to go big, go patterned, or go bold. Indoor spaces are more easily overwhelmed by decor because they’re enclosed. If something’s too big or bold, it can take over a space, leaving little room or attention for the other things in it. You don’t have that same problem when you’re outdoors without walls or limitations. Don’t be afraid to go bigger, bolder, or more patterned than you might otherwise. Oftentimes you’ll find that these sort of choices end up complementing an outdoor space instead of overwhelming it.

Use your rug as the center of your space. Since you don't have walls outdoors, you instead have to create defined spaces through clever use of furniture. A rug is the perfect central spot to build from as you add furniture and other decor. It can act as a focal point for whatever lounge or eating area you’re putting together, making the placement and choosing of other furniture easier!

Remember that it gets windy sometimes. If you’re going to keep a rug outdoors full time, you’re going to want to make sure it stays where it’s supposed to. Being exposed to potential heavy rain or wind will jostle anything around… unless you prepare for it! The easiest way to keep your rugs in place is by securing them with the weight of sturdy furniture. If you’re creating a sitting space, you can use the front legs of your chairs to anchor your rug in place. If you’re creating a dining space, you can place your table centrally on the rug to keep it from budging. 

Don’t forget about layering. You might not know this already, but at Sisal Rugs Direct we’re big fans of the art of layering rugs. It can add fun, visual interest, and texture to just about any space. The same rules apply when styling an outdoor space when moving things outdoors: keep in the color family, neutral looks best on bottom, and don’t be afraid to play with angles.

Your outdoor space should make you feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed. These tips should help you take any outdoor space, big or small, and turn it into something stylish that exactly meets your needs. If you’re interested in taking our advice on the benefits of outdoor rugs, you can check out our online collection here. Otherwise, have fun and happy styling!

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