Living Room Rug Ideas To Cozy Up Your Space

Living Room Rug Ideas To Cozy Up Your Space

You're living room should be an inviting and cozy space for your family and friends to relax in. Designing it can be easy.


If you want to give your space that "home sweet home" look and feel, you should consider adding a living room rug to your current setup. Rugs instantly bring warmth to any environment, helping you create a cozier setting for friends and family to enjoy. Here are five rug placement ideas you can incorporate into your living room's interior design. 

1. Use an area rug to create a defined space 

If you have an open floor plan, it might look like your furniture is "floating" in the living room. Placing your sofa and chairs on a large area rug can help anchor your furniture and create a defined living room space. 

2. Layer a rug on top of another rug

If you like Persian rugs but can't afford to cover a large area with one, consider layering your rugs. You can set down a large natural-fiber rug that is affordable and neutral in color, then place a more expensive or unique-looking rug on top. 

3. Place a rug next to the fireplace for a cozy atmosphere

What's even cozier than sitting next to the fireplace? Sitting next to the fireplace on top of a plush rug! Consider setting a smaller-sized rug next to the fireplace to add even more warmth to that area. 

4. Set a rug underneath the coffee table

If you don't want a large area rug covering most of your floor, use one to frame your coffee table. This is a great opportunity to add a pop of color in the living room. 

5. Set down two rugs side by side

Find two rugs that have different designs, but are similar in color and style to give your living room a designer look. You can also use two rugs that are exactly the same and place them side by side, just slightly overlapping.

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