Pantone Color Trends: Trending Colors for Spring 2021

Pantone Color Trends: Trending Colors for Spring 2021

Check out the colors chosen for Pantone’s spring and summer 2021 color trend report in this round up post from the team at Sisal Rugs Direct.



2020 was a year of restraint. Holding back, staying in, focusing on safety, security, and consistency. These societal trends were reflected in color, style, and decor trends with many choices reflecting a desire for comfort, serenity, and neutrality. Pantone recently released their color trend report for spring and summer 2021, and that trend report showed a marked change.

As the year begins and we look forward, we’re looking forward with hope, desire, and inspiration. The color trends in the new Pantone report reflect that with tones that are bright, dreamy, and beautiful. The report covered three palettes that we’ll be taking a closer look at in today’s post:

Summer Bouquet

Summer bouquet is the first color palette in Pantone's report. It's filled with romantic, happy tones. We're given a couple shades of pale pink, one with purple tones and the other with grey tones. They're met with a beautiful neutral creamy tan, two bright and poppy warm toned red and oranges, and then rounded out with a yellow-y herbal green.

What does this palette tell us about trends in the new year? People want positivity. They want colors that remind you of fresh flowers, new life, and bright tomorrows. They also signal the likelihood of floral prints becoming a much bigger deal in the new year.


This palette is unique and exciting. It starts off dreamy and whimsical with an Easter egg yellow, teal, and pink. They're mellowed out with a nice lavender, a springy green, and a creamy white.

What does this palette tell us? People are happy for their comfort, but they want more. They want dreamy skylines and buzzy brightness. They want to go outside and smell the flowers. They want to dream of better things. This marks a 2021 trend toward whimsy and fun in response to the restraint 2020 brought.

Power Surge 

Of the three palettes covered in the Pantone trend report, this one is the most fun. Every choice for this palette is highly saturated, and there are no neutrals included to tame them.

Each tone is powerful: a bright orange-red, deep blue, creamsicle orange, two zesty greens, two popping pinks, and a beautiful magenta red to end things. Colors are coming in 2021, and they're not holding back. Home decor and design trends will follow suit in the new year.

We’re seeing a lot of bright, bold colors in this trend report. Do you know what does a great job of rounding out a room filled with bold tones? Neutral floor coverings, like natural fiber rugs. If you’re looking for a top to bottom color reboot for any room if your home, check out our wide range of offerings.

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