See the potential in your unused enclosed porch with these 8 design ideas

See the potential in your unused enclosed porch with these 8 design ideas

Your screened porch is more than just a storage space for outerwear. Transform your enclosed porch with these eight design ideas from Sisal Rugs Direct.


Every house has a feature that makes it stand out from the rest. When you first laid eyes on your home, perhaps you instantly fell in love with the screened porch. Maybe you imagined sitting out there on a sofa while drinking coffee and watching the sun rise.

Those fantasies were short-lived, however, because after you moved in, the porch became a place to store outerwear, sporting equipment and shoes.

8 Design Ideas for Front Porch Sitting

It's time to reclaim your enclosed porch and transform it into the comfortable, stylish space you used to imagine. Read our eight design ideas for enclosed porches to get started.  

A cozy reading nook

On a rainy summer day, snuggle up in a cozy chair with your favorite book and some hot tea. A reading nook is a great idea for smaller porches, as you need only one or two seats, some blankets and pillows, a soft rug and a small end table. 

A welcoming living room

If you have the space, design a second, smaller living room in your front porch using a sofa or loveseat, a couple of accent chairs and a coffee table. When company comes to visit, you can enjoy catching up on the sofa while the sun keeps you warm and energized. 

Sit a fun floor-sized lamp next to the sofa

Most of the time, the natural sunlight flooding through your screens will provide all the light you need to read. A floor lamp comes in handy during those calm summer nights when you decide to relax on the front porch sofa. Use this opportunity to inject color and creativity into your space. An eye-catching contemporary design gives your entire porch a bolder style. 

A casual dining space

Dining al fresco is enjoyable — until the bugs come out to ruin your meal. Consider eating in your enclosed porch instead, where the screen doors keep the bugs out but still let you enjoy natural lighting, the cool breeze and calming sounds of nature. 

Welcome all to relax using a cozy rug

If you have enough color in the front porch, create a cozier look with a natural-fiber sisal rug. The neutral shades will complement your green plants nicely, and the texture gives the room a more interesting style. 

A charming game room

Bring your favorite board games, cards and puzzles into your porch to turn your former storage space into a game room. A spacious table and set of chairs are all you need to get more use of your porch. You can also add a few stylish accessories to give the room personality. 

Create a lively space with energizing green plants

Green plants bring color and a fresh fragrance to the front porch. They're also natural air purifiers, helping you breathe easier in your favorite summer space. 

Bring a bright bar cart into the room to entertain

On a hot summer's day, stay cool in your enclosed porch while drinking refreshing lemonade. A brightly colored bar cart makes it easy to serve guests in style, and can become a unique addition to the front porch.

It's not too late to make your porch fantasies come true. Fall in love with your enclosed porch all over again by bringing in cozy furniture and affordable, stylish accessories. 

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