Selecting a border for your custom rug

Selecting a border for your custom rug

A guide to help you choose the right border for your custom rug. Sisal Rugs has multiple materials, colors and widths available.


Sisal Rugs has a variety of binding options to complete your custom rug. Multiple widths, materials, stitches and colors are available to make your rug fit into any design style effortlessly. All of the options can be viewed in the Rug Binding Guide, but here’s a quick breakdown to start your binding selection process.


  • Blind Stitching – Thread at the top and sides of the binding is hidden. All corners will be mitered (finished at an angle) unless you request a lapped corner. Blind stitching is the standard on leather and tapestry bindings and is available for an additional cost on other bindings.
  • Top Stitching – Thread is visible with top stitching. The color of the thread will match the binding color so the two blend together. Top stitching is standard on canvas, cotton, linen and faux leather bindings.


  • Cotton – Cotton binding is recommended for all rug types. It’s the softest binding, making it a great choice for indoor rugs. It comes in three widths — narrow, wide and extra-wide — and 44 colors so you can create the perfect rug to match your design scheme.
  • Canvas – Not as soft as cotton but still nice and durable, canvas stitching can be used on any rug. It’s a top-stitched binding that’s available in 10 colors and two widths — wide and extra-wide.
  • Linen – Linen binding is nubby and more textured than the other choices, adding visual interest to any rug. Linen is blind-stitched and available in four colors.
  • Leather – A blind-stitched, quality binding, leather is a sturdy choice for an indoor rug. Six color options are available.
  • Faux Leather – The synthetic leather binding looks and feels like the real thing. It’s perfect for any rug, even an outdoor rug. Faux leather bindings can be top-stitched or blind-stitched and come in seven colors.
  • Serging – Serging is a simple trim option made of a poly material that can be matched to any color. It’s great for indoor or outdoor rugs.
  • Outdoor – Outdoor Binding is UV stabilized and water resistant to withstand outdoor elements and keep your outdoor rugs in top condition.
  • Your Own Material – Provide your own fabric for a truly customized rug. Email [email protected] or call us at 1-888-613-1335 for more details on fabric requirements and shipment information.
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